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Panasonic Rugged Handhelds for mobile workers

The rugged handheld can help with tracking orders, log details, keep track as well as run exclusive software application.The rugged handheld will certainly aid the field worker as they can see via wireless connection, immediately if there's any of what they are selling left as opposed to needing to make a call to the stockroom and await somebody to check the shelves.
Why choose a handheld tablet for your business? In many instances, they’re the ideal device when you need more performance and power than a traditional PDA, signature-capture device or barcode reader, but can’t afford the space requirement of a fully formed tablet or notebook PC.

TOUGHBOOK rugged handhelds meet this demand – and give you a great deal more too. Slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed to improve productivity, our market-leading range of rugged handheld tablets are built to withstand your most extreme challenges.

One of the great advantages of a TOUGHBOOK handheld is that they reduce your need for multiple devices in the workplace. In fact, they give you the best of all worlds, combining the capabilities of a handheld tablet, smartphone and barcode reader in fully rugged, pocket-sized packages. 

The Handheld offers numerous unique features, including an angled rear barcode reader which protects users from repetitive strain and enhances productivity, and an optional passive and active pen for precise handwriting and signature capture. This cutting-edge device has been designed for mobile workers in the postal and courier services, transportation and logistics, emergency and public safety, utilities, retail, manufacturing and defence sectors.

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