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Rugged Computing for outdoors

Commercial grade laptops and tablets are fragile as well as easily damaged. These gadgets might not last very long like in the case of field workers that need to go from place to place, the extreme environments of traveling can take its toll on the gadgets. Keeping this in mind, rugged devices like Rugged Laptops & Rugged Tablets were specifically designed  to overcome the harsh outdoor environments in which normal commercial laptops and tablets fail to operate.
Built for the Outdoors

Rugged Devices offer Sunlight readable & Glove enabled touch screen,wide operational range from -20 to 60 degree Celsius temperatres, GPS, 4G LTE, Optional Barcode Reader, water resistance as well as dust and shock proof these devices are guaranteed to work well outdoors. 
These Rugged devices include a solid and light casing that can secure them from falls from as much as 6m. These housings can additionally soak up a huge amount of shock and are waterproof certified to MIL STD 810 G.
Compared to replacement cost of normal devices Rugged laptops and tablets offer better lifetime cost value as they last longer than commercial tablets. the preliminary price could be a little higher than their normal counterparts, but over an amount of time, you would certainly be saving a whole lot in terms of avoided repairs and replacements. It is simply not a good investment to get devices that might be easily damaged by the conditions offer at the workplace.

Rugged devices brands

Miltec Rugged Computing Solutions offers variety of Rugged devices in diffrent brand categories like Panasonic, Getac, Durabook, IEI, Winmate, Firehawk etc

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