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Why do we need Rugged devices?

Do we really need Rugged!!!!


Do we really need Rugged!!!!
The best answer to this question lies in the value of the services we provide to our clients.
Data security has become a major challenge for most of the organizations because the threat of losingdata can be limitless. The first thing which can be done for the protection of data is relying on reliable and trusted hardware which often many big organizations ignore to cut cost. I have seen that well-planned projects never had any issue related to budget. It becomes a constraint in the execution of a project only when proper research and study was not done before the start of the project.
Living in this digital age, the flow of information is a vital part of the operations and communication through voice or data, which is the backbone in every organization. Therefore, compromising on such critical aspects by using treacherous hardware could be suicidal. This will be the best thing we can dowith our competition.
Now when you are aware of the importance of your data security, taking a decision on implementing rugged hardware requires the next level of research and study.The primary criteria to choose rugged hardware is the application area -mobile, outdoor and industrial conditions. Anyone who is always on the move and is exposed to work in extreme environment is arugged hardware user.Having said that, most of the organizations ignore the importance of rugged devices because of its upfront cost. They regret their decision 90% of the time, after they end up spending huge amount on repair and damage of commercial grade devices purchased.

As per the research report of VDC, the total cost of ownership of non-rugged and commercial grade devices become very high. When non-rugged devices are put in an industrial environment., 40% of them gets failed in the first year and 90% of these devices are replaced in the following year. This accumulates as loss of money, time, data and credibility
in front of the customer and decreased productivity.

We recently came across the situation, wherein our customer wanted to install a customer feedbacksurvey devices, the usage was 24/7 running, which needed heavy duty hardware to sustain extremesituation. To save on the cost, they ended up buying a commercial grade device. Within 2 to 3 weeks they realized that the devices have started malfunctioning due to overheating. Within a short time they realized that the hardware used is not as per the operating environment.They had to again raise the requirement for buying of appropriate heavy duty devices which can meet their 24/7 operating requirements. This resulted in a loss of money and time for the clients. They were also not able to collect valuable feedback from their customers when the devices were out of use. 

When we go to a fine dining restaurant, we get served in proper dishware which owner decides because he sees value in the food he is serving to us. Therefore, it is very important that the service we provide to the client must be taken seriously. If we think that the services we provide to our clients are not worthy enough for being served in a reliable and trusted platform, slowly and gradually our client will also start feeling the same and our value in front of them will depreciate. The dreadful consequence of this could be losing the client and business. So let’s not take the risk and work progressively towards better efficiency, safety and reliability.

Abid Hussain

Regional Sales Manager 
Miltec Rugged Computing Solutions


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