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Bee'ah Waste Management Case Study


The Challenges faced by Bee'ah were
  • Some trash bins are overfilled while others are underfilled by the trash collection time.
  • Overfilled trash bins create unhygienic conditions.
  • Unoptimized truck routes result in excessive fuel usage and environmental pollution.
  • All collected trash is combined which complicates sorting at the recycling facility.


Smart Waste Management System

To overcome the above challenges Miltec offerd Bee'ah a systematic and sustainable smart solutions for integrated waste management which makes use of rugged panel Pc’s, rugged tablets along with cutting-edge technology like geo-tagged smart bin sensors and automated route optimization, for optimum performance.

A revolutionary endeavor by Miltec to introduce RFID tags and weighing sensors on the solar-powered smart bins, which is directly linked to the control room has increased the speed & efficiency of waste collection.

The sensor attached to the trash bin measures fill level; and a communication system  transfers this data to Cloud. Data is processed in the Cloud, thus, route of collection trucks is optimized.




Miltec has installed rugged panel PC Winmate FM 10A with CAN bus Interface and 4G connectivity in Bee'ah Vehicles.The data captured by RFID Tag and weigh sensor is sent to the cloud.After the data is processed at the command central communication is sent to the collection truck computer indicationg the driver to follow proper route for garbage collection & pickup garbage from the bins which have reached maximum capacity.This saves fuel cost and reduces operational expenses thereby increasing profitablity.


With Smart Waste management solutions Bee'ah has increased their efficency of waste collection and reduced operating cost considerably.