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Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions for Industries

Each global industry - and each individual organization - requires a unique mobility strategy to support their operations structure and business goals. Yet enterprise mobility requirements are far from standard across all vertical markets. Many field-service and industrial sectors demand more rugged computing solutions capable of handling the extreme environmental conditions and data-intense processes that comprise a typical day at the "office." Others mandate rugged mobile PCs with very specific feature sets not offered by traditional consumer-grade mobile devices or rugged laptops. 

For nearly 15 years, Miltec has been working closely with customers to define clear rugged mobile computing criteria for each industry it serves. We are vertical experts who know your business. We recognize the unique rugged computing requirements of your workflows and the demands of your mobile workers.We have rugged laptops,tablets and accessory customised for your industry's evolving rugged computing needs, and purpose-built to critical workflow specifications.

 Meet the rugged computing requirements for your industry, enterprise mobility structure, and workflows with Miltec Rugged computing solutions.

Utility Services

Rugged Mobile Computing for Utility Field Service Workers & Technicians The majority of gas, water, and electric utility work happens outside of the office, forcing utilit ...

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Public Safety Management

Rugged Tablets Built for Public Safety & Emergency Management Operations Miltec rugged tablet solutions arm all public safety and emergency response officials – from dispatch to police ...

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Manufacturing Industry

Rugged Tablets Built for Manufacturing, Industry Work, and Logistics Manufacturing floor environments demand resiliency and mobility, and require more rugged computing power than ever before. Whe ...

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Rugged Mobile Computing for Telecommunications (Telco) Today’s Telecommunications (Telco) services require unfailing end-to-end connectivity between dispersed infrastructure assets, global transm ...

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Transportation and Logistics

Rugged Mobile Computing for Transportation & Logistics The Transportation and Logistics industries keeps valuable goods and workers on the move constantly, both indoors and out on the road. T ...

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Natural Resources

Rugged Mobile Computing for Natural Resource Professionals In both the mines and the oilfield, drops and dirt are par for the course. While very few desktop, laptop, and mobile computing devices ...

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Construction industry professionals demand smart ruggedized mobile technologies that will help them deliver quality products and meet firm project deadlines without issue. It doesn’t matter if you s ...

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