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Rugged Mobile Computing for Transportation & Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics industries keeps valuable goods and workers on the move constantly, both indoors and out on the road. That means mobilizing highly complex and integrated logistical tasks in a way that is simple and straightforward whether on planes, trains, forklifts, or tractor-trailers.Rugged tablet PCs provide a lightweight but tough mobile computing foundation from which you can support your entire transportation fleet in real-time while at the warehouse or in transit.

Acclimatized to survive every possible environment along the supply chain both on the ground and in the air,IP rated rugged tablets are sealed, secured, configured and certified to thrive in the most extreme working conditions.Ruggedized tablet PCs survive everything from the vibrations of a forklift to the pressure changes of an airplane, powerfully automating workflows that mobile, global workers demand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re clocking thousands of miles daily, or just trying to keep shipments flowing on-time all the time, the built-in and extended battery solutions have stamina to outlast your most industrious workers.Durable tablet PCs are the perfect mobile computing platform from which to launch and manage Transportation and Logistics operations within the rail transport, airline, warehouse, and trucking sectors.

Transportation and Logistics

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